XBOX 360 S | 1 TB

xbox 360 1 tb
xbox 360 1 tb
xbox 360

Xbox 360 | S Model | 1 TB | 100 GAMES PRELOADED | PRE OWNED


PRE OWNED | Xbox 360 | S Model | 1 TB Everything will be in perfect working order. Minor scratches may appear on the console as a result of the testing process. The Games Are Starting To Load



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Xbox 360 | S Model | 1 TB | 100 GAMES PRELOADED | PRE OWNED

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  • This is a Seller Refurbished item that is in like-new condition.
  • Minor scratches on the console may occur during the testing and loading of the games.
  • You are unable to play online. In general, internet gaming is not recommended due to the presence of Custom or Hybrid Firmware.
  • All games are genuine, digitally downloaded, and purchased online, and they are full versions, not demos (Highly Customised).
  • 1 TB Xbox 360 S Console with Top 100 Games from Microsoft
  • Up to four wireless game controllers are supported.
  • There are two memory unit slots.
  • Xbox 360 models include hard drives for storing your photos, music, and video for playback in your home theater.
  • JVGID  : XB360S1TJT



1007 James Bond Legends  
2Ace Combat 6  
3Alan Wake  
4Alone In The Dark  
5Amazing Spiderman  
6Angry Bird Trilogy  
7Army Of Two The Devils Cartel  
8Ashesh Cricket 2009  
9Assassin'S Creed 4 Rogue  
10Assassins Creed Revelations  
11Asuras Warth  
12Avtar The Last Airberder The Burning Earth  
13Batman Arkham Asylum  
14Battlefield Hardline  
15Ben 10 Omniverse 2  
16Blades Of Time  
18Boarderland 2  
19Boishock Infinity  
20Bully Scholarship Edition  
21Burnout Anthology Complete Edition  
22Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare  
23Call Of Duty Black Ops 2  
24Call Of Duty Black Ops 3  
25Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3  
26Counter Strike Go  
27Crisis 3  
28Dantes Inferno  
29Darksider 2  
30Dead Rising 2  
31Dead To Right 3  
32Deus Ex Human Revolution  
33Devil May Cry 5  
34Don Bradman Cricket 2014  
35Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2  
36Duke Nukem Forever  
38Far Cry 4  
39Fear 3  
40Fifa Street 3  
41Fight Night Champion  
42Final Fantasy Xiii 2  
43Fist Of The Ken Star Rage 2  
44Forza 4 D1_D2  
45Forza Horizon 2  
46Forza Motorsport 3 D1  
47Gears Of War  
48Gears Of War 2  
49Gears Of War 3  
50Gears Of War Judgment  
51Ghost Recon Future Soldier  
52Green Lantern  
53Gta 5  
54Gta San Andreas  
55Halo 4  
56Halo Combat  
57Halo Odst  
58Halo Reach  
59Hitman Absolution  
60Icc Cricket 2007  
61Ice Age 3  
63Iran Man 2  
64Jurassic Park  
65Just Cause 2  
66Kinect Animals  
67Kinect Blackwater  
68Kinect Body N Brain  
69Kinect Dance Central 2  
70Kinect Dance Central3  
71Kinect Dance Masters Dance Evolution  
72Kinect Dance Paradise  
73Kinect Dragon Ball Z  
74Kinect Ea Sports Active Personal Trainer 2  
75Kinect Fable The Journey  
76Kinect Fighters Uncaged  
77Kinect Fruit Ninja  
78Kinect Game Party In Motion  
79Kinect Harry Poter  
80Kinect Joy Ride  
81Kinect Just Dance 4  
82Kinect Kung Fu Panda  
83Kinect Marvel Avenger  
84Kinect Mj The Experience  
85Kinect Motion Sports  
86Kinect Nike Trainung  
87Kinect Power Ranger 2012  
88Kinect Power Up Heroes  
89Kinect Rocksmith  
90Kinect Rush  
91Kinect Self Defence Tc  
92Kinect Sonic Free Riders  
93Kinect Sport Season 2  
94Kinect Sports  
95Kinect Sports Island Freedom  
96Kinect Star Wars  
97Kinect The Hip Hop Dance Experience  
98Kinect Yoostar 2  
99Kinect Your Personel Trainer  
100Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012  

NOTE :- If you want games of your choice . So after placing a successful order you have to inform us about your choice of games within 3 hours from after placing a successful order.

  1.   Send us an email along with your payment details, your Mobile number and email Id. And send your list of games in email within 3 hours from after placing a successful order  Email :
  2. Send us message on whatsapp . Send your payment details ,your mobile number and email Id. And send your list of games on whatsapp within 3 hours from after placing a successful order . Mobile number +91 8920030200


  • J.V.G. Alone In The Dark 4
  • J.V.G. Ashesh Cricket 2009
  • J.V.G. Assassin’s Creed 3
  • J.V.G. Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood
  • J.V.G. Batman Ashlum
  • J.V.G. Batman City
  • J.V.G. Battefield Hardlline
  • J.V.G. Bayonetta
  • J.V.G. Benten Omniverss 2
  • J.V.G. Blur
  • J.V.G. Brnout Reveg
  • J.V.G.  Call Of Duty 1
  • J.V.G.  Call of Duty 2
  • J.V.G.  Call of Duty Advance Ware
  • J.V.G.  Call of Duty Gost
  • J.V.G.  Call Of Duty World At War
  • J.V.G.  Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2
  • J.V.G.  Castlevania Los
  • J.V.G.  Cod 3
  • J.V.G.  Dante’S inferno
  • J.V.G. Dark
  • J.V.G.  Dark secter
  • J.V.G.  Dark Souls ll
  • J.V.G.  Darksiders 2
  • J.V.G.  Dead Rising 2
  • J.V.G.  Devil May Cry 4
  • J.V.G.  Dmc Devil May cry
  • J.V.G. Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2
  • J.V.G.  Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  • J.V.G. Dragon Ball Z Unltimate Tenkaichi
  • J.V.G.  Driver San Francisco
  • J.V.G. Drt
  • J.V.G.  Enemy Front
  • J.V.G.  Escape Dead Island
  • J.V.G. Far Cry 3
  • J.V.G. Far Cry 4
  • J.V.G.  Fifa 15
  • J.V.G.  Fifa 19
  • J.V.G.  Forza Horizaone 2
  • J.V.G. Game Party In Motion 1 Kinect
  • J.V.G.  Gears Of War Judgment 4
  • J.V.G.  Godhand
  • J.V.G.  Drid
  • J.V.G. Gta 4
  • J.V.G. Gta 5
  • J.V.G. Helo4
  • J.V.G.  Hitman
  • J.V.G.  Just Cause 2
  • J.V.G.  Kung Fu Panda 2 kinect
  • J.V.G.  Marvel Supar Hiro
  • J.V.G.  Mass Effect 3
  • J.V.G.  Medal Of honer Warfighter
  • J.V.G.  Medal Of honor
  • J.V.G. Modem Warefare 2
  • J.V.G.  Mortal Kombat  Komplete Edition
  • J.V.G.  Moto Gp 14
  • J.V.G. Mx Vs Atv Supercross
  • J.V.G.  Naruto Shippuden Unltimate Ninja Storm Revolution
  • J.V.G.  Need For Speed Undercove
  • J.V.G.  Nfs hote Parsuit
  • J.V.G.  Nfs Raival Ninja 2
  • J.V.G.  Pes 2015
  • J.V.G.  Prine Of Persia Forgotton  Sands
  • J.V.G.  Protoye 2
  • J.V.G.  Rayman Legends
  • J.V.G.  Re Revelations 2
  • J.V.G.  Red Dead Redemtion
  • J.V.G.  Reshident Evil
  • J.V.G.  Reshident Evil D
  • J.V.G. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
  • J.V.G.  Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • J.V.G.  Resident Evil 6
  • J.V.G.  Rise Of Tomb Raider
  • J.V.G.  Sared 3
  • J.V.G.  Sanlts Row 4
  • J.V.G.  Shadow Of Mordor 2
  • J.V.G.  Sniper Elite 3
  • J.V.G.  Spiter Man 2
  • J.V.G.  Ssk
  • J.V.G.  Taken 6
  • J.V.G.  Tha Amazing Spider Man
  • J.V.G.  tha Evil Within
  • J.V.G.  Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldier Jtag God Xbox360 Pj06
  • J.V.G. W 15
  • J.V.G. Wwe 2K16
  • J.V.G. Wwwe 2017







Weight4.2 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 19 cm
Product ConditionREFURBISHED
ModelXBOX 360
ProcessorATI XENOS
Graphics500 MHZ ATI | AMD XENOS
Model Number or Series1XXX
Power Consumption90 WATT
Power SupplyAC 100- 240 V
Controller | Joystick | Remote1
Internal Storage1 TB
Top Free Games 100 TOP FREE GAMES

Q1  : Is it sealed pack console?

Ans  : No, It is not a sealed pack console because we have to remove the seal of console for doing JTAG but the console will be unrepaired.




Q2  : What is the meaning of seller warranty?

Ans  : Seller warranty means, JVG Electronics providing the warranty on his behalf . If your console got any fault within the warranty period than JVG Electronics will fix it or replace it.




Q3  : How many accessories we will get with ps4?

Ans : You will get all required accessories with the xbox 360 like HDMI cable, original wireless controller, Power cable ,original power adapter, preloaded games ( per game cost around 100 rs), Its manuals (if available), Console with mint condition , Box and bill.




Q4  : What will be the firmware version of console?

Ans  : The firmware version will be the latest and with JTAG installed on it with free preloaded games.