Batman Return to Arkham Asylum

Batman Return to Arkham Asylum PKG For PS4


"Batman: Return to Arkham Asylum" is a remastered edition of the critically acclaimed action-adventure game, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Players once again step into the iconic cape and cowl of the Dark Knight, Batman, as he returns to Arkham Asylum, Gotham City's infamous psychiatric hospital overrun by its most dangerous criminals. With enhanced graphics and updated visuals, players navigate through the dark and atmospheric corridors of the asylum, utilizing Batman's arsenal of gadgets, combat skills, and detective abilities to thwart the Joker's sinister plans and restore order to the asylum. Immerse yourself in the immersive storytelling, engaging gameplay, and thrilling encounters that made "Batman: Arkham Asylum" a beloved classic, now reimagined for the PlayStation 4 platform.



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Batman Return to Arkham Asylum PKG For PS4

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  • Game Name - Batman Return to Arkham Asylum
  • Firmware required - 9.00 or below
  • Game size - 18 GB approx.
  • Number Of Files - 1
  • Required Things - Working Internet connection + Laptop/ Computer



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Game NameBatman Return to Arkham Asylum
Firmware Required9.00 or below
Game Size18 GB Approx.
Number Of Files1
Required ThingsWorking Internet connection + Laptop/ Computer 
Download Speed Available UPTO 50 MBPS